Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Amazon Kindle Browser with pokemon Go map

Amazon should make a pokemon Go map on their Kindle.

PokemonGO iPhone Evolution Calculator

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The easy tutorial to download and install Pokemon GO to your Kindle Fire or Amazon Fire tablet. This tutorial will show you how to download the Google Play Store to your tablet and install Google Maps (you will need this to run the game correctly) and Pokemon GO. You do not need to root your device. This is confirmed working for the $50 Amazon Fire tablet and should work for all Fire devices running Fire OS 5 Bellini.

Pokemon GO for the Kindle Fire Tablet


1. Go to Settings > Security > and turn on Apps from Unknown Sources (the option may be found under Settings > Applications on older devices) Turn on Apps from Unknown Sources Kindle Fire Tablet

2. Download the latest Google Account Manager .APK file here: Google Account Manager .APK Download

3. Open the .APK file and hit Install Install Google Account Manager

4. Download the latest Google Play Services .APK file here: Google Play Services .APK Download

5. Open the .APK file and hit InstallInstall Google Play Services

6. Download the latest Google Services Framework .APK file here: Google Services Framework .APK Download

7. Open the .APK file and hit Install Install Google Services Framework

8. Download the latest Google Play Store .APK file here: Google Play Store .APK Download

9. Open the .APK file and hit Install Install Google Play Store

10. Restart your tablet

11. Open Google Play Run Google Play Store

12. Download and install Google Maps Install Maps

13. Download and install Pokemon GO Install Pokemon GO

14. Go to Settings > Wireless > Location-Based Services > and turn off Location-Based Services – also make sure it is enabled for Maps and Pokemon GO Turn Off Location-Based Services

15. Launch Google Maps and press on the current location icon Detect Location in Google Maps

It should prompt a Use location? pop-up (this may also pop-up automatically when you launch Google Maps). Press Yes.

Turn On Use Location

You should now see your location in Google Maps. Exit Maps and now run Pokemon GO!


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  2. How to run pokemongo on Kindle Fire ? Please